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Would You Consider Hosting a Showcase?

Like the people we work with in India, most of our Jewelry is special, one of kind pieces. These beautiful pieces are crafted by master jewelers who are GIA certified. The gems are set in sterling silver or 18k gold and include semi-precious and precious gemstones.  They will be heirloom pieces that will last for decades.

We have designed the shopping experience at Gems of Jaipur to be highly personal. It is our hope that our mission instills a greater sense of purpose in the purchases that people will make, and that the quality of jewelry will bring personal satisfaction and pleasure for many years to come. Therefore, we do not have a brick and mortar store. While we do sell the jewelry online (website, Amazon, Facebook, Etsy), our best experiences are through in-home showcases.  Every Thursday and Friday the showcase is set up in our home, except for those times where we have an off-sight showcase.



Your showcase can be designed to fit your expectations. It does not have to be a big event with lots of people. We do request a minimum of 3 hours; this is the least amount of time for people to have an adequate time to shop. We can also accommodate an all-day or evening event. We have even traveled to faraway places (Louisiana, Oklahoma) and are willing to go just about anywhere to do a showcase!

If you are interested in hosting a Showcase in your home please call the number listed on the site. One of us will get back to you to discuss timing, dates and details. Thanks in advance for walking with us in this mission.

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