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  • Valentine's Day Hater

    Feb 07 2022

    I used to hate Valentine’s Day.  Like every little girl, I was always very excited to see if I got a valentine card from a special boy in...

  • Why Buy Luxury Jewelry?

    Jan 27 2022

    Why would I spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on high-end luxury jewelry? I am glad you asked this question. Before I answer that qu...

  • Luxury

    Jan 23 2022

    What is Luxury Jewelry? Luxury is defined as something not essential but is expensive, desirable, or valuable and provides comfort....

  • A Brief History of Earrings

    Apr 01 2021

    Earrings and the practice of piercing ears are both incredibly ancient. Earrings originated in Asia. They have been found in archeologica...

  • Gold

    Mar 24 2021

    GOLD…The Fashion that is Never Outdated Just about every type of metal has been used for making jewelry and even wood, leather, and clot...

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