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Custom Designed Jewelry

Let us create your next piece of heirloom jewelry! 

Whether it is an engagement ring, anniversary ring, a special diamond necklace, or beautifully designed set of earrings, we create these special customized designs just for you. The GIA certified jewelers that we work with in India create masterful one-of-a kind pieces that can be made to your specifications. These pieces are crafted in 14K or 18K gold, platinum, rhodium or sterling silver. We work with high quality (not treated) real gemstones including diamond, emerald, sapphire, ruby, tourmaline, blue topaz, garnet, amethyst and many others. The grade of the stone will depend upon your budget! Many times, pieces purchased from Gems of Jaipur are well below retail market value.


These conditions apply to all custom purchases:

  • We will send an estimate to you based on your specifications. You will approve the estimate before any gem is purchased, or work begins.
  • The buyer (you) will deposit half of the estimate with Gems of Jaipur before we request that the jeweler create the piece.
  • The actual price may vary from the estimate. But the actual price (which you will pay) will not be more than 20% greater than the estimate, unless you request changes.
  • Additional charges may include shipping and customs.
  • Returns or exchanges are not allowed on customized jewelry, special orders, and engraved items.
  • The balance of the price is due at the time of delivery.

The Process:

The process can take from three weeks up to 3 months depending on various factors. We can design a ring for you or we can make a ring from a design or picture that you submit. Once a design is determined here are the steps:

  1. Determine your budget
  2. Determine the stone. If it is a diamond, decide what size and clarity.
  3. Decide on the metal, gold (14k or 18k), white gold, rhodium, silver, platinum
  4. For a ring, we will need to know the ring size.
  5. Gems of Jaipur will send you an estimate for the piece. The actual price will not be more than 20% greater than the estimate, unless substantial changes to the original request have been made. 
  6. With your approval for the estimate, GOJ will send an invoice for half the total amount due.
  7. Once the invoice is paid, GOJ will release the jeweler to create the piece. We will try to send pictures along the way, showing the progress. At this point it will take up to 3 or 4 weeks to create the piece and can take another two weeks for shipping and clearing customs.
  8. Depending upon timing, the ring will be mailed or hand-delivered.
  9. You will receive certification of authenticity from the jeweler in India. If you would like a GIA appraisal from a certified gemologist will be secured at an additional cost (ranging currently from $65-150).
  10. The ring will be delivered and payment for the balance will be due at that time.
  11. Please send us a picture of your jewelry being worn…and an endorsement!

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