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Sweet Simplicity

Posted on June 02 2020

Sweet Simplicity

June is a month for celebrations.

It is a month that has traditionally been known as the wedding month. Along with birthdays and weddings, graduations typically occurred in June. So, what a better way to celebrate any of these milestones than with a June birthstone. And…you get to choose between three gorgeous birthstones!

The Pearl … The Moonstone ... The Alexandrite.

The Pearl is a captivating gemstone that originates from oceans, lakes, and rivers from all around the world. It is a classic gem and beloved by women of all ages. Just putting on a pair of pearls studs with jeans will make a woman feel dressed…even without lipstick! At Gems of Jaipur, we have a wide selection of pearls, baroque and cultured. Before COVID Lockdown in India happened, I had pearl stud earrings being crafted. They did get them completed, and I was sent pictures…but they were unable to get them into a shipment before the lockdown. Hopefully, India will open back up, and these beauties will be shipped! In the meantime, I have necklaces, rings, and a few earrings made of these lovely beauties.

The Moonstone gem is another June birthstone. The gem has bluish-white streaks, but when held up to the light, it exhibits a pearly glow. And when it is moved in the light, it dances like a moonbeam floating between clouds. Hindu mythology claims that the moonstone is made of moonbeams and brings good fortune to the wearer. Moonstone is also an affordable gem, even when set in gold. We have many rings and earrings with moonstone…and a few bracelets too.

Lastly, the Alexandrite is also a June birthstone. Known as “Emerald by day, Ruby night,” the Alexandrite gemstone is known for displaying one of the most remarkable color changes in the gem world — green in sunlight and red in incandescent light. However, this June birthstone is so rare and expensive that few people have seen a natural Alexandrite. Sadly, we do not have any of these gemstones. Because they are rare, it is difficult to find them…although I am on the lookout for one for a client!

June babies are kind, fun-loving, and always willing to help others in need. I know I have one, my firstborn. Maybe their good nature is the reason why they get 3 different gemstones to choose from for their birthstone. With so many attractive options, individuals with June birthdays, anniversaries, and graduations can have a gemstone that fits their mood or budget, due to the different colors and price points these gems offer.

Take a look today at the many pearls and moonstone pieces we have.

When you give your June baby her gift, watch her smile. Sweet Simplicity.




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