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Fancy Sapphires

Posted on September 16 2020

Fancy Sapphires

When I first walked into Ali’s store in the Hilton Hotel in Jaipur, the shelves were lined with rows of beautiful beaded necklaces that form works of art. I was mesmerized as I watched the young men, sitting cross-legged on the floor behind the counter, string the beads. They were talking to each other as they worked. They were not counting the beads as they put each one on the string. When they finished each strand and put together the different layers, the necklace formed a flower, or a palm tree, or some other geometric form.

It was amazing.

These necklaces are 15-20 lines that comprise each piece. Each line is heavy and wearing a 15-line sapphire beaded necklaces has to produce a powerful neck. No wonder these Indian women are so very strong!

These necklaces are made of fancy sapphire beads of all different colors. A fancy sapphire is gem-quality corundum. It is any color except red, blue, or colorless. The red is a ruby, the blue is what we commonly refer to as sapphire, and the colorless is a white sapphire. Yellow, orange, green, brown, pink, and other colors are known as fancy sapphires. While they are not equal in value to the blue sapphire, they carry their value, and they keep it.

Currently, I don’t carry these multi-strand necklaces but, I do have the fancy sapphire in one line, 18-inch, 22-inch, and 2- inch. (pictured below) Each bead is faceted and sparkles when the light hits it. Of course, if you want one of these multi-15-strands with a beautiful art design, just let me know. I can easily have one shipped!

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