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Discover the Top 10 Colored Gemstones Ideal for Smart Investments

Posted on February 21 2024

Discover the Top 10 Colored Gemstones Ideal for Smart Investments

Engaging in gemstone investments has long been a respected practice for those seeking to diversify their portfolio. Gemstones, prized for their scarcity and enduring charm, have consistently maintained their value across centuries. Notably, the years 2020-2021 witnessed an impressive, almost 50% surge in the worth of colored gemstones, with 2022 continuing the trend with another substantial increase of 20-30%. In contrast, the diamond market experienced losses of up to 15%. This decline might be attributed to economic uncertainties or the growing acceptance of lab-created diamonds. A notable trend among millennials is their inclination to question the rationale behind investing in natural diamonds when lab-created alternatives are virtually indistinguishable, prompting a reconsideration of the associated costs.

In this article, we will explore the top 10 colored gemstones that are considered excellent choices for investment purposes. We'll also provide insights into their rarity, historical significance, and market trends.

  1. Blue Sapphire:
    • Rarity and Appeal: Blue sapphires are renowned for their stunning blue hue and are among the rarest gemstones. The intense blue color, coupled with exceptional hardness, makes them highly desirable.
    • Investment Potential: Throughout history, sapphires have proven to be resilient in maintaining their value, and the demand for top-tier blue sapphires shows a consistent upward trajectory. The addition of certificates from reputable gemological laboratories further enhances the allure of these precious stones for investors. Notably rare and fetching significant prices in the market are Kashmir sapphires. Pink sapphires exceeding 15 carats have become exceedingly scarce, while obstacles related to politics and exports have impacted the sapphire trade in Madagascar, contributing to a surge in prices. Exceptional blue sapphires, known for their quality, are sourced from Nigeria, Madagascar, and Sri Lanka.
  1. Ruby:
    • Rarity and Appeal: Rubies are famous for their vibrant red color and exceptional hardness. Fine rubies are rarer than diamonds, and their allure has captivated collectors for centuries.
    • Investment Potential: Investing in high-quality rubies is regarded as a secure venture, as their value tends to appreciate consistently over time. When seeking optimal investment potential, prioritize stones with minimal treatments and a deep, saturated red hue. Notably, Mozambican rubies demonstrated a remarkable 50% increase in value during 2022, and this upward trend persisted into 2023.
  1. Emerald:
    • Rarity and Appeal: Emeralds, with their lush green color, are treasured gemstones. The rich history and association with royalty contribute to their enduring appeal.
    • Investment Potential:
      Emeralds of exceptional quality are not readily available, making those with a deep green color and minimal inclusions highly coveted. When considering emerald investments, prioritize stones with reliable certifications to guarantee authenticity and superior quality. Colombian emeralds, renowned for their rarity, can command an impressive value, occasionally reaching $100,000 per carat. Large emeralds weighing 20 carats or more have become increasingly scarce. Other noteworthy sources of quality emeralds include Zambia, Brazil, Pakistan, the US, and India. 
  1. Pink Diamond:
    • Rarity and Appeal: Pink diamonds are incredibly rare and known for their captivating beauty. The Argyle mine in Australia, a major source of pink diamonds, closed in 2020, further elevating their scarcity.
    • Investment Potential: Pink diamonds have demonstrated consistent appreciation in value. As the supply diminishes, their rarity is likely to drive prices higher, making them an attractive investment option.
  1. Alexandrite:
    • Rarity and Appeal: Alexandrite is a unique gemstone known for its color-changing properties, displaying hues of green in natural light and red under incandescent light.
    • Investment Potential: Due to its scarcity and mesmerizing color change, alexandrite is considered a collector's gem. Stones with a strong color change and minimal inclusions are especially valuable for investment purposes.
  1. Tanzanite:
    • Rarity and Appeal: Tanzanite is a relatively recent discovery, found only in Tanzania. Its vibrant blue-violet color and limited geographical source contribute to its allure.
    • Investment Potential: Tanzanite's appeal has grown steadily, and its rarity makes it a promising investment. Look for stones with rich color and minimal treatments, and consider obtaining certificates from reputable gemological labs.
  1. Padparadscha Sapphire:
    • Rarity and Appeal: Padparadscha sapphires are prized for their delicate blend of pink and orange hues. Their rarity and captivating color make them highly sought after.
    • Investment Potential: The scarcity of padparadscha sapphires positions them as excellent long-term investments. Stones with a well-balanced color and minimal enhancements are particularly valuable.
  1. Blue Topaz:
    • Rarity and Appeal: Blue topaz is a popular gemstone known for its affordability and vibrant blue color. While not as rare as some other gemstones on this list, it still holds investment potential.
    • Investment Potential: Blue topaz can be an accessible entry point for gemstone investors. Look for stones with intense color and minimal treatments for better long-term value.
  1. Spinel:
    • Rarity and Appeal: Spinels come in a variety of colors, with red spinels being the most prized. Their durability and stunning hues contribute to their growing popularity.
    • Investment Potential: The increasing demand for spinels, combined with their rarity, makes them an intriguing investment. Red spinels with vivid color and minimal inclusions are particularly coveted.
  1. Tourmaline:
    • Rarity and Appeal: Tourmaline is a versatile gemstone that comes in various colors, with the most valuable being the vibrant Paraíba tourmalines with their neon blue-green hues.
    • Investment Potential: While certain tourmalines are more common, the Paraíba variety, known for its rarity and stunning color, can be a valuable addition to an investment portfolio.


Investing in gemstones requires careful consideration of factors such as rarity, color, clarity, and market trends. It's crucial to purchase stones with reputable certifications to ensure their authenticity and quality. While gemstones can be a unique and attractive addition to an investment portfolio, it's essential to approach this market with thorough research and a long-term perspective. Diversifying investments across various gemstones can provide a balanced and potentially lucrative strategy for those interested in the enduring allure of these precious stones.


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